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Our goal is to establish and maintain a good
relationship with our customers.
We combine knowledge and expertise to diagnose and
repair problems to your satisfaction.
Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Repair, rebuild or replace the following:

- Tub faucets
- Shower faucet
- Lavatory faucets
- Sink faucets
- Toilets
- Outside hose-bibbs
- Sump pumps
- Garbage disposals
- Water heaters
- Backflow devices (new installation and testing)
- Ice makers
Installing new plumbing to serve the following:

- Bathrooms
- Kitchens
- Laundry rooms
- Basement bathrooms
- New Room additions
- Renovations
- Remodeling
- Tenant finish work

Sewer and drain cabling and repairs

- Kitchen sinks
- Bathtubs
- Lavatories
- Sinks
- Floor drains
- Main sewer lines
- Laundry

Video sewer and drain lines:

- Main building and sewer lines
- Sewer certification report
- Kitchen sinks

Certified Backflow Inspection and Testing:

- Annual testing for irrigation and plumbing systems is required by
the state of Mo. The backflow device prevents contamination of
your drinking water.

Plumbing Inspections

- FHA and housing inspections
- Correct code violations

Water lines

- Locate broken water lines inside and outside of building
- Repair frozen water lines.
- Replace water services

Other services

- Water softeners
- Pressure reducing valves
- Expansion tanks

We take pride
in our solid